Strategy Planning Facilitation

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The two-day facilitated annual or quarterly Scaling Up Business Growth Workshops empower you to accelerate profitable growth using a time-tested and results-driven methodology. Through this exclusive learning experience, our community of coaches has empowered more than 40,000 executives and their leadership teams with proven tools and strategies to scale up smarter.

We will help you achieve your goals

Our private moderated workshops provide business leaders with an opportunity to focus on strategic thinking, execution planning, people management and cash flow. They will help you:

  • Align – Get faster results with less effort by developing organisational clarity and accountability.
  • Accelerate – Develop a strategic advantage over the competition. Position your brand as a market leader.
  • Advance – See your company’s reputation and revenues soar as employees understand and fulfil your brand promises.

During our workshops, you will create your One Page Strategic Plan including your quarterly goals and accountability charts. You will learn the practical strategy, people, cash, and execution habits used by teams at Atlassian, Red Balloon, Dell, Southwest Airlines and FedEx. Habits that you can implement immediately.


We will eliminate your pain points

If you’re new to Scaling Up, have started implementing a growth plan but have got a bit stuck, or are looking to engage your wider team, join us to develop your own strategic advantage, build organisational clarity, strengthen your company culture and create the momentum to drive faster results. We will help you answer the following questions:

  • Do you have the right people to drive strategy?
  • Do you have the right strategy to execute?
  • Are you wasting cash on poor execution?
  • Do you have enough cash to attract the right people?
  • Are you tired of dysfunction and willing to do what it takes?
  • Are you looking for a proven structure, framework and process that can guide you through your growth journey?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed from unsuccessfully trying to get people to do what you want?

We conduct public workshops every quarter and private workshops for companies looking to fast track the implementation of the Scaling Up strategic Framework and Tools.